Newswire: George Lopez to play George Lopez in TV Land show produced by George Lopez

It looks like George Lopez will once again get paid for playing a fictionalized version of himself as The Hollywood Reporter reports that he’ll star in and produce a comedy series based in part on his life for TV Land. The series has already been picked up for 12 episodes and will debut in 2016.

The show is called Lopez and will feature Lopez as “America’s most successful Hispanic-American comedian” who will find some way to mine his rags-to-riches life story for comedy. Lopez will reportedly show Lopez straddling two very different worlds: the rich-people-in-Hollywood one and that of his working-class background. These class differences will mostly be played for laughs, so expect to see Lopez muttering in Spanglish over the indignity of being asked to valet someone’s car at his own movie premiere or something.

Lopez, who played a Mexican-American character named George on The George …

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