Newswire: George Clooney says Donald Trump is part of the Hollywood elite he hates so much

Ever since it became clear that none of the good celebrities were ever going to support his pathetic, ego-driven political aspirations, Donald Trump has railed against the so-called Hollywood elite who supposedly don’t understand the common man the way he does. The problem with this is that Trump may live in a golden tower in Manhattan instead of in a gated compound in California, but he’s just as much a member of the Hollywood elite as anyone else is—at least according to George Clooney, who probably does have the authority to determine stuff like that.

In an interview with Canal+ (via Vulture), Clooney notes that Trump has 22 acting credits and collects $120,000 a year from his Screen Actors Guild pension fund, which would make anyone a member of the Hollywood elite. Of course, Trump being a massive hypocrite has never really been up for debate …

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