Newswire: Genndy Tartakovsky has officially checked in to Hotel Transylvania 3

Now that Genndy Tartakovsky has returned to his beloved animated series Samurai Jack for a revival on Adult Swim, the idea of him making big-budget computer-animated comedy movies with Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez seems a little less disappointing than it did a few years ago. Hotel Transylvania and its sequel were fine movies, sure, but they weren’t quite as mind-blowingly awesome as Samurai Jack was. Thankfully, we now live in a world where we get both, so we’re totally cool with the fact that Screen Rant is reporting that Tartakovsky has just signed on to direct Hotel Transylvania 3.

In fact, we’re actually excited about it now. Free from our hipster-esque obligation to be upset that Tartakovsky is making mainstream movies instead of artsy action cartoons, we may end up enjoying Hotel Transylvania 3 more than we would otherwise. Plus, he wasn’t really planning to …

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