Newswire: Gareth Edwards says those Rogue One reshoots are no big deal

It’s Star Wars week over at Entertainment Weekly, where all kinds of tasty tidbits and sonorous stories have rolled out ahead of the new, all-Star Wars issue. Darth Vader has been confirmed to make an appearance, though his influence will be felt long before he appears onscreen. In addition to providing sneak peeks at all the cool new stuff—mostly, capes—the filmmakers are also dispelling rumors that production on the standalone film has been rocky enough to require reshoots.

Earlier this summer, there were reports that Rogue One was in trouble over the “darker turn” Edwards was making with the material. The movie was described as having the “feel of a war movie,” which is definitely not in the Star Wars oeuvre. But in an interview with EW, the director waved off those concerns: “It’s funny, making a film stops you believing anything you’ve ever …

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