Newswire: Gang Of Four goes retro-electro in this video premiere of “The Dying Rays”

Despite the death of singer John King after the release of 2010’s Content, Gang Of Four managed to come back with a new frontman, John Sterry, and a departure from previous work in the form of this year’s What Happens Next. From that album comes the track “The Dying Rays,” and the worldwide premiere of the video to accompany the song. The spare and meditative images make for a natural complement to the song, a pensive, churning ballad that wouldn’t feel out of place on a latter-day Depeche Mode album. The track features Herbert Grönemeyer on vocals, a music superstar in his native Germany but probably better known to Americans from his role in the film Das Boot. The band’s Andy Gill explains the origins of the collaboration:

“The particular thing that Herbert does that I love are his rather angst-infused melancholy ballads. I knew I …

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