Newswire: Game Of Thrones superfan accused of fraud demands trial by combat

How many times have you had this exact same experience: You’re just an average guy, living his life, practicing the law like a good lawyer should. Also, you happen to be a fan of the HBO series Game Of Thrones. Who wouldn’t be? It’s a great show! So one day, you’re out in the world, doin’ your thing, just lawyering it up, maybe dropping the occasional “winter is coming” on the clients you know are guilty when suddenly, you’re charged with aiding a client in committing fraud. The law, which you have so nobly served your entire adult life, is suddenly bearing down on you. So, facing these accusations, you do what any reasonable person does in that situation: You demand the right to trial by combat.

That’s exactly what Staten Island (shocker) lawyer Richard Luthmann recently did, as The Wrap reports the attorney …

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