Newswire: Game Of Thrones earns new Guinness World Record, not for piracy this time

Since last year, HBO’s Game Of Thrones has held the dubious honor of being the Guinness World Record’s most pirated TV show, with scores of internet Onion Knights scouring the torrents to bring the show’s blend of political drama, gripping battles, and naked people to the non-paying masses. Now, at least partly in response to that unwanted badge of popularity, the show has achieved another: the record for “largest TV drama simulcast,” with the show’s fifth season premiere, “The Wars To Come,” broadcasting in 173 different counties at the same time. (The idea being, presumably, that eliminating the delay between releasing the show in different regions would cut down on at least one of the motivations for theft, even as the other—people being uniformly opportunistic engines of self-interest—continues to be supported by the text of the program itself.)

Game Of Thrones wasn’t the …

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