Newswire: FX CEO says his shows are better than Netflix shows

According to The Hollywood Reporter, FX CEO John Landgraf recently spoke with KCRW’s The Business and made the unsurprising claim that, on average, every show that FX has ever made is better than every show that Netflix has ever made. “Netflix has made 14 shows,” Landgraf explained. “Take any 14 shows we’ve made—they’re better. Any 14 shows—on average, our shows are better.” Landgraf walked his claim back a little bit, clarifying that some Netflix shows are “great” and that he’d be “proud to have made … Orange Is The New Black.” And yet, any 14 of his shows are better. Any 14. This is the kind of bold claim that’s perfect for a snarky write-up, so let’s put it to the test.

In order to avoid any biases, we’ve put all of FX’s original shows into a random number generator. We …

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