Newswire: Future’s new album art is from Shutterstock, the artist made less than $80

Popular rapper Future released his latest album, Dirty Sprite 2, a few days ago, and the investigative reporters at The Fader noticed something interesting about the album’s artwork: It looks surprisingly similar to a stock photo from image site Shutterstock. We don’t know how the site noticed that—or who tipped them off to it—because recognizing something like this would either require a bizarre amount of luck or an intense familiarity with the library of stock photo sites.

Either way, Fader dug into this mystery and tracked down Sanja Tošić, the Solvenian artist who created the original image. She explained that she did sell the rights to the image to Future’s label, Epic Records, through Shutterstock—so this is all on the up-and-up—and she was paid somewhere between $0.33 and $80 for it. (She wouldn’t give the exact figure, as it’s all …

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