Newswire: Future senator Kid Rock shot grills out of the sky—for America

Demonstrating the classic pro-American values of ambition, can-do-it-iveness, and shooting at shit you’ve launched into the sky with a giant catapult, Kid Rock released a video on Instagram today in which he fired a bunch of grills into the sky and then shot them down with a shotgun. The video, sadly, wasn’t the official kick-off announcement for the Rock v. Nugent senatorial campaign that will soon herald the end phase of our ongoing political apocalypse; rather, it was a promotional stunt for Rock’s American Badass line of grills, literally destroying the foreign-made competition and the concept of subtlety in a single massive blast.

Instagram Embed

Besides serving as a reminder that Kid Rock has his own Martha Stewart-esque lifestyle brand, the video makes a great test for your own mental model of “what Kid Rock might do”. Would he underscore footage of himself with “Bawitdaba”—a song …

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