Newswire: Full Frontal tries to make sense of Brexit with some help from a Time Lord

Many people are still trying to make sense of Brexit, the United Kingdom’s semi-conscious uncoupling from the European Union—including some of the people who actually voted to leave. Laypeople have turned to various news publications for explanations and prognostications, thereby showing far more due diligence than certain politicians. But last night, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee traced the movement’s roots, starting with the faulty number crunching.

Then in the wake of the referendum—and the opening of a new golf course—Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump congratulated Scotland on taking its country back. Of course, by “Scotland” he meant England, which didn’t go over well with either country. To break down the insults, host Samantha Bee enlisted the aid of a Doctor Who has a stake in the matter.

Erstwhile Time Lord David Tennant read the scathing tweets in his Scottish burr, the better to relate …

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