Newswire: “Fuck normal,” David Simon says during passionate John Waters tribute

One beloved Baltimore artist paid homage to another at the New York edition of the Writers Guild Awards ceremony last night. The Wires David Simon introduced John Waters, who was receiving the Ian McLellan Hunter Award for Career Achievement. Simon recounted how he “completely humiliated“ himself when he first met Waters as a reporter covering a memorial for Edith Massey, otherwise known as “the Egg Lady,” and was more interested in her “outrageousness” than her humanity.

The two eventually became close enough that Waters officiated Simon‘s wedding to his wife Laura Lippman. But Simon didn’t dwell on anecdotes about his friendship with the legendary writer-director. Instead, the crux of Simon’s speech was his eloquent articulation of Waters’ ”gift,” which is simply: “Fuck normal.” Here’s an excerpt:

Fuck normal. Fuck normal. There is no normal. Normal’s a lie. Normal’s a lock gate, a wall …

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