Newswire: Frito-Lay uses its madness for good, creates Rainbow Doritos for charity

After a long history of attempting to destroy A.V. Club staffers with their bizarre, hybridized “foods”, the Frito-Lay corporation has apparently decided to go with a more subtle method: frying our terminally sarcastic brains with a project that is both a) patently ridiculous, and b) paradoxically immune to mockery. The company has announced that it’s partnered up with the It Gets Better Project to sell rainbow-colored Doritos, in order to raise money for the suicide-prevention group. The bags are available for a minimum donation of $10, and can be purchased through the It Gets Better web site.

If you’re feeling a gentle pressure behind your eyes right now, it’s possible that your brain is attempting to reconcile the urge to make fun of a flavored corn chip marketed with the phrase “There’s nothing bolder than being yourself,” and a promised “inspirational quote” on every bag …

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