Newswire: Frat patron saint Will Ferrell suggests maybe getting rid of fraternities

Will Ferrell, whose movies are as essential to the fraternity way of life as Natural Light and not talking to reporters, has stained 1,000 “You’re My Boy Blue!” T-shirts with 1,000 tears today, after he suggested abolishing the Greek system entirely. The Old School star—and a former fraternity brother himself—made the comments in a recent Q&A with the New York Times while at SXSW, in which he was asked a reader-submitted question from a guy seeking his support against other “frat haters.” Ferrell, as his elder fraternity brother, surely would have some words of assurance to offer them in this, their time of being unfairly targeted by groups of hate-filled strangers, just because a video had surfaced of Sigma Alpha Epsilon members singing a racist song.

But Ferrell didn’t wax reverent of the many opportunities frats provide for establishing lifelong friendships based on remaining …

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