Newswire: Frank Miller accepts your heartfelt thanks for Batman V Superman

Nowadays, it should be considered something of an achievement when legendary comics scribe and penciler Frank Miller manages to get through an interview without saying something either grumpy or inflammatory or—in a move hereby referred to as “Miller Time”—both at once. Whether it’s being pissed off about Occupy Wall Street protestors, or making an entire comic that exists solely to allow Frank Miller the opportunity to punch Muslim terrorists in the face through the medium of drawing little lines very aggressively, the outspoken author of The Dark Knight Returns has become as well known for his political views as his comics in recent years. (Which is really a decent consolation, when you consider the alternative of being well known for creating the film adaptation of The Spirit.)

In a new interview with Variety, Miller manages to sound downright sensible, talking about how, were he to gain control …

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