Newswire: Frank Langella is going to stick around on The Americans

For KGB agents secretly working in 1980s America, it can be hard to find a good handler. You don’t want someone who’s too distant and isn’t there when you need to be handled, but you also don’t want someone who’s too hands-on and forces you to spy on capitalist pigs the way they want you to spy on capitalist pigs. Hopefully Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys’ characters on FX’s The Americans enjoy working with Frank Langella’s Gabriel, because he’s going to be returning to the show when it comes back for a fourth season. In a press release, Americans creator Joe Weisberg highlighted what Langella brings to the show, saying, “Frank just gives you the sense of history: The history of a man who’s been through a lot, but also that particularly sad, deep, yearning history of Russia that, frankly, Tolstoy …

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