Newswire: Frameworks embrace the present on “Fear Of Missing Out”

The college town of Gainesville, Florida has long been home to some of hardcore’s best and brightest, and Frameworks is no exception. Loom, the band’s 2014 debut album, positioned it as another worthy addition to the city’s history, and Smother all but cements its place. On its first release for Deathwish Inc., Frameworks takes the best parts of Loom, mixes in the adventurousness of its Time Spent 7-inch from earlier this year, and comes away with a record that shows the band has found its own voice. The A.V. Club is premiering Smother‘s opening track, “Fear Of Missing Out,” which highlights Frameworks’ ability to make tuneful, pounding hardcore. With guitars that flutter anxiously toward a cathartic release, ”Fear Of Missing Out” is a song that basks in the moment and isn’t concerned with what might be missed in the process.

Pre-orders for Smother are …

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