Newswire: Fox to play with people’s minds in hypnotism-based game show

Game show contestants have historically come up against mostly physical obstacles, like supermarket aisles and Aggro Crags, in their pursuit of easy, taxed-at-a-later-date money. Any mental hurdles they’ve encountered are usually just their own insecurities, which is presumably why, in 2015, a British production company created a game show that employs a hypnotist to plant suggestions in contestants’ minds to hinder their progress. And Fox, not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to mess with people’s minds (that is what’s going on with Gotham, right?), is adapting the show for American audiences.

According to Deadline, Fox has ordered eight hour-long episodes of You’re Back In The Room, a show whose hypno-format has already been picked up by several European and South American countries. You’re In The Back Room is currently just a working title for the show, presumably because it sounds both vague and …

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