Newswire: Fox renews Sleepy Hollow for another year of spooky history lessons

As reported by Variety, Fox has granted an 18-episode third season to Sleepy Hollow, it’s meticulously faithful adaptation of Washington Irving’s 1820 short story of the same name. We’re kidding, of course, because Sleepy Hollow bears only a passing resemblance to the story it gets its name from—it has a guy named Ichabod Crane and a headless horseman, at least—but it has still managed to become an unexpected hit for Fox. Variety notes that its ratings have dipped a bit during its second season (which might have helped convince former showrunner Mark Goffman to jump ship and sign a development deal with CBS) but the network needs something to pair with Gotham, so it might as well keep Sleepy Hollow on the air. Plus, now it doesn’t need to worry about pissing off the show’s fans and driving them to start mailing in …

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