Newswire: Fox renews its pact with Lucifer for another nine episodes

It looks like the greatest trick the Devil—or rather, Lucifer—ever pulled has become nabbing regular renewals from Fox. Variety reports the network’s just given a full second season order to the devilish dramedy-procedural, which stars Rush alum Tom Ellis as the reliably handsome, charming ruler of Hell. But this iteration, based on the DC Comics character, would rather serve drinks on Earth than reign in Hell. He also owns a piano bar and is terrified of his mother, so he’s not quite the devil you know—but he’s still damn entertaining. As is the show, which has been on an upswing in its sophomore outing.

Variety notes that Lucifer isn’t exactly a ratings monster, but it’s been performing respectably enough to earn an additional nine episodes, bumping it up to the regular ol’ 22. Fox entertainment president David Madden’s excited to renew …

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