Newswire: Fox News’ Jesse Watters (sort of) apologizes for making fun of Chinese people

Fox News drew a bit of controversy today when a clip from a recent O’Reilly Factor episode began spreading on social media. The clip comes from a “Watter’s World” segment, which sees O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters doing his best to prove that a conservative network like Fox News is just as good at humor as the godless heathens at The Daily Show or whatever. Unfortunately, this particular attempt at humor involved Watters going to Chinatown in New York and acting as if he’s not only never met a Chinese person in his life, but that Chinese people in general are just hilariously different. If that sounds a bit racist, here’s the whole clip for some important context:

See, it’s not “a bit” racist at all. O’Reilly himself seems to recognize that it could be controversial, noting that they’re “going to get …

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