Newswire: Fox News has spent $13 million on Bill O’Reilly’s harassment settlements

Bill O’Reilly remains one of the biggest names at Fox News, a reliably bloviating presence whose ratings have only gone up since the political clusterfuck of the 2016 election. But for a network that was rocked last year by sexual harassment scandals, O’Reilly is also one of its biggest liabilities; according to a new (and extremely detailed) New York Times report out today, he’s cost the company $13 million in harassment settlements relating to his treatment of women. Most of those incidents were sexual in nature, as in 2004, when Fox paid out $9 million to producer Andrea Mackris over allegations that O’Reilly sexually propositioned her and made inappropriate phone calls where he sounded like he was masturbating. (Part of the settlement involved everyone involved absolving O’Reilly of any wrongdoing in the matter.)

All told, the company has settled five harassment cases against O’Reilly …

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