Newswire: Fox is remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show for TV

Now that Glee is no longer on the air, theater kids have found themselves with a gaping, Fox-shaped hole in their schedules. Memorizing monologues from A Chorus Line helps, as does curling up in the costume racks, inhaling the reassuring scent of stale sweat and greasepaint, and weeping softly. But those are temporary comforts, mostly because other theater kids keep coming into the dressing room to make out.

But Deadline has thrown these poor, highly emotional souls a lifeline, bringing news that Fox is remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show—a.k.a. the reason the backstage smelled weirdly skunky that one time—for TV. Temporarily dubbed The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event, the remake will be a two-hour extravaganza of song, dance, and confusing sexual awakenings directed by High School Musical‘s Kenny Ortega. Billed as a “reimagining,” the new Rocky Horror is expected to hew closely to the …

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