Newswire: Fox is officially considering an X-Files revival of some sort

Fox is riding pretty high right now, with its Sunday comedies, Batman-less Batman shows, and Terrence Howard-starring loose retellings of King Lear all doing pretty well. There’s no better time, then, to start pandering to fans of beloved genre shows so they’ll think that their beloved genre shows actually have a chance of coming back. No, we’re not talking about Firefly or Fringe, we’re talking about the king of all beloved genre shows: The X-Files.

As reported by Deadline, Fox TV Group’s Gary Newman recently confirmed that Fox “is in talks” for some kind of X-Files revitalization, and he’s “hopeful” that things will work out. The idea, presumably, is to do something in the vein of the network’s recent 24 sequel miniseries, since that worked out surprisingly well. Plus, since it’s not The X-Files without the hottest will they/won’t they …

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