Newswire: Fox is finally making a show about a Token White Male

As reported by Deadline, Fox is planning to take advantage of the increased public support for inclusivity and better representation in the media by making a show that’s all about one of the most unfortunately maligned demographics in modern society: white guys. Okay, maybe “unfortunately maligned” isn’t right, since the vast majority of TV shows and movies do star white men and a particularly orange-ish white man is currently trying to destroy the United States because of his fragile ego. But Fox is making a show called Token White Male either way.

Described as a “legal dramedy,” Token White Male is about a guy who becomes “the first male associate at a groundbreaking all-female law firm,” presumably because a show about a groundbreaking all-female law firm wouldn’t be interesting enough without—ahem—a token white male. The man himself is a “fun-loving, no-filter, low-rent lawyer,” so he …

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