Newswire: Fox is developing a Latino Romeo And Juliet drama

It looks like Romeo And Juliet is about to become the new Frankenstein or Wizard Of Oz, which is to say that there’s now multiple TV shows in development that are (in some way) based on/inspired by Shakespeare’s beloved teenage-killing tragedy. First was ABC’s Indivisible, which is about someone who moves to New York, befriends their Muslim neighbor, and then has to deal with “a global jihad” when their kid falls in love with the Muslim neighbor’s kid. (That may not exactly be the original setup of Romeo And Juliet, but at least it sounds way more problematic.) Shondaland showed up after that, with an adaptation of a YA novel called Still Star-Crossed that told the story of the Capulets and Montagues after Romeo and Juliet died.

Now, Fox is jumping into the game with an untitled project from Instructions Not Included‘s Eduardo Cisneros …

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