Newswire: Fox hates rabbits, is making a Fatal Attraction TV event series

Fatal Attraction was a landmark psychosexual thriller, a subgenre pioneered by Michael Douglas and consisting of dozens of movies framed around cocksure type-A males getting into questionable relationships with women possessing agency and sharp knives. Now Paramount wants to resurrect its sublimated fear of empowered women with its own small-screen reboot of Fatal Attraction, which would air in a series of one-hour episodes as an event series on Fox.

The original cast isn’t involved, but according to Deadline, the producers are preserving the storyline about a man entering into a poorly-chosen extramarital affair full of countertop-sex highs and rabbit-boiling lows. Event series are currently in vogue, but given that the original film ends with Glenn Close’s Alex Forrest taking a slug to the chest, a single season seems like the way to go. Of course, ratings are everything, so an anthology series of men ruining their marriages by …

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