Newswire: Fox has been using Trump’s Access Hollywood tape in sexual harassment seminars

Given the various CEO-ousting, advertiser-alienating scandals that have plagued its Fox News employees over the last year, it’s not entirely surprising to learn that the wider Fox organization has been stepping up its sexual harassment prevention training of late. What is kind of mind-blowing, though, is its choice of training materials: Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tapes.

This is per The Hollywood Reporter, which quotes an anonymous source claiming that a recent harassment seminar featured a five-minute section on Trump’s infamous remarks, in which he talked about “moving on a bitch,” and the ways celebrity grants men instant (perceived) access to women’s bodies. The section was accompanied with pictures from the video of Trump, co-scuzz Billy Bush, and Arianne Zucker, the woman they were collaboratively ogling.

Trump, of course, is facing his own sexual harassment scandal, at the same time he recently lent support to Fox employee …

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