Newswire: Fox develops a series about orphans who are also international spies

Fox has announced that it’s developing a TV show about a group of orphans who get captured by the government and raised to be international spies, just like in all those Annie/Alias crossover stories you swore you’d get around to writing some day. Adapted from a comic book published by Boom! Studios, Protocol Orphans centers on the complicated paternal relationship between the highly trained foster kids and their amoral government handlers, who’ve they been raised to view as their loving parents and grandparents, no matter how dangerous the missions they send them on.

Created by Rob DeFranco and Twilight star Peter Facinelli, and written and drawn by Michael Alan Nelson and Mariano Navarro, respectively, the series has only been publishing since November, so there’s no way to know what sort of murderous hijinx the parentless provocateurs might find themselves engaging in at their “Father’s …

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