Newswire: Fox developing police corruption drama that won’t spark any controversy at all

Having never met a controversial subject it couldn’t bend into the shape of a procedural, Fox has started development on a new series about rampant police corruption. Crooked comes from newcomer writer Robert Specland (whose other in-development credits apparently include a “revenge thriller” adapted from Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue”), and will center on the rot at the heart of a New Orleans police department.

Rather than focusing on systemic racism or the terrors of private police forces, though, it looks like the series will hang its Louisiana cop drama on the actions of a few bad eggs, presumably fried up with peppers and onions and served with a beignet as a tasty bit of lagniappe. Although Fox is promising an exploration of “the bonds—and corruption—of police brotherhood,” Crooked will primarily concern itself with the overturned convictions produced by a now-busted detective, whose various illegally …

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