Newswire: Fox apologizes for using footage of a real terror attack in 24: Legacy

The latest episode of 24: Legacy saw the team emphasizing just how bad the main villain is by reviewing footage of previous terror attacks he’d orchestrated, including one scene that was described by Miranda Otto’s character as occurring in an “Egyptian market.” Their point was taken, but it turns out the show used real footage taken from a 2013 terror attack in Nairobi. Since the episode aired on February 20, Kenyans have been taking Fox to task for using a real-life tragedy—in which 75 people were killed, and another 175 injured—to advance the show’s plot.

#SomeoneTellFox that you were very insensitive to do this to those who still have nightmares and lost loved ones.

— Sam Gichuru (@SamGichuru) February 22, 2017

A Twitter campaign, #SomeoneTellFox, was started to call the network’s attention to this fact, and it’s worked. 24: Legacy …

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