Newswire: Fort Lean embraces its New Hobbies on a tour-only EP

On its debut album Quiet Day, Brooklyn’s Fort Lean trafficked in expertly crafted indie-pop. Of course, not every song the band loved made the album, and this August Fort Lean will be releasing New Hobbies, a tour-only EP that puts these songs in the spotlight. The A.V. Club is premiering “Easily” below, which shows how a track went from the cutting room floor to one of New Hobbies‘ highlights. Vocalist-guitarist Keenan Mitchell explains the song’s journey:

This song was one of a few tunes that started around the time we were making this album and had a moment in the demo that none of us could quite get out of our heads. I think anytime someone makes an album there is always a lot of hard choices to make early on when you have to choose which songs will be included. That’s why it was exciting …

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