Newswire: Former wizard Tom Felton disapparates from season 4 of The Flash

The CW’s The Flash has a bad habit of introducing new characters at the beginning of a season only to later reveal that the new character is also secretly the season’s new villain, so nobody should’ve been particularly surprised when the new CSI at the Central City Police Department played by Tom Felton also turned out to be the masked cult leader guy trying to summon a self-proclaimed “speed god” named Savitar. In a fairly refreshing twist, though, Felton’s character was actually being mind-controlled, and after getting saved, he decided to start working with Team Flash. Felton was largely useless after that point, since Team Flash has always been pretty crowded, but his casual cynicism did bring a fun energy to the group’s typical “believe in yourself” pep talks.

Unfortunately, even with the Flash himself trapped in a different universe (that’s not really what …

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