Newswire: Football, etc. goes deep on new EP

Over the past couple years any indie rock band with a flair for introspection was getting lumped in as part of an “emo revival.” That phrasing appears to be slowly fading away, but that also means that those that gained a little extra attention are now coming out the other side of that toxic hype machine. One of the bands that predated the phrase, and was inevitably lumped in with it, is Houston’s Football, etc., a trio that takes Rainer Maria’s restraint and updates it for a modern context. On March 17 Count Your Lucky Stars will release the band’s four-song EP Disappear, which sees the trio continue on the route it expertly crafted on 2013’s Audible by never being shaken by all the rookies crowding the playing field. The A.V. Club is streaming all of Disappear below, and pre-orders for the 7-inch are available …

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