Newswire: Food-delivering robots seen roaming in D.C., just waiting to be stolen

Residents in our nation’s capital may have noticed a six-wheeled robotic device rolling through the sidewalks of D.C. in recent days. Fear not, because according to NBC4 Washington, there’s no need to call in a bomb threat.

In fact, this robot is one of the friendly ones, with no intentions (yet) of destroying humans. It’s a food-delivery robot from Starship Technologies, and a company spokesman told NBC4 that it’s currently testing a pilot program in Washington, D.C. to deliver meals from local restaurants.

According to the company website, the robot travels up to 4 mph on sidewalks and holds up to three shopping bags, and it can deliver within a three-mile radius in under 30 minutes. Users will receive a code which can unlock the robot and release the food.

This leads to the obvious question: Isn’t someone going to steal this robot …

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