Newswire: Flesh World tames wild animals with its fuzz-punk debut

Though Iron Lung Records has long been synonymous with the abrasive powerviolence of the band that founded the label, it’s been always been an outlet for acts approaching punk in unconventional ways. Take Flesh World, a band that features members who come from two distinctly different worlds—indie-pop dynamos Brilliant Colors and queercore legends Limp Wrist are both represented here—and distills these various pursuits into fuzzy post-punk that’s as indebted to hardcore as it is Siouxsie And The Banshees. The A.V. Club is streaming all of Flesh World’s debut album, Wild Animals In My Life, in advance of the album’s release on June 2. It’s a record that builds off Flesh World’s excellent EPs and further establishes its place as a goth-tinged punk band that’s never met a fuzz pedal it didn’t like.

Pre-orders for Wild Animals In My Life …

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