Newswire: First Jurassic World 2 image teases a thrilling trip to the museum

Jurassic World was basically the original Jurassic Park with everything jacked up to be more exciting, more dramatic, and more expensive, but if the first image released from its sequel is anything to go by, Jurassic World 2 is going to go in the complete opposite direction. The image was posted on the movie’s Facebook page, and it features an unknown girl standing in front of a big dinosaur skull in what is either a museum or the trophy room of some rich person who is obsessed with dinosaurs:

It’s hard to really pick out any details about Jurassic World 2 from this one image, but it seems to indicate that the movie will be largely abandoning its whole “computer-generated dinosaurs” shtick in favor of a more slow-paced, educational adventure about dinosaur skeletons that don’t move at all. It’ll be like a visit to a natural …

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