Newswire: Fiona Apple joins Andrew Bird for “Left Handed Kisses”

Andrew Bird admits to having trouble composing love songs, but unlike most people with writer’s block, the musician was able to enlist Fiona Apple to help him get over it. Bird has just released “Left Handed Kisses,” the second track off his new album, Are You Serious, which drops April 1. He and Apple enjoy a kind of call and response dynamic, wherein Bird demurs as Apple spurs him on in tackling a genre he’s avoided up till now. The “Left Handed Kisses” phrase symbolizes Bird’s awkwardness in writing a love song, a quality that Apple urges him to set aside even as she calls him out for a perceived lack of earnestness. It’s a lovely acoustic track, with Bird and Apple’s lilting vocals often blending before setting off on different paths.

Preorders for Are You Serious are available here, and Bird has added some …

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