Newswire: Finally, men are getting their own Bad Moms spin-off

Hollywood’s recent trend of female-led comedy films has been good for improving the industry’s problems with representation and inclusivity, but it’s clear that one group is being left out of this progressive revolution: men. Why isn’t there a Bridesmaids movie for dudes? Why hasn’t anyone remade Ghostbusters with a predominantly male cast?

Thankfully, the production company behind this summer’s Bad Moms is planning to right that wrong with a spin-off film called Bad Dads. That comes from Deadline, which sadly doesn’t offer any specific details about Bad Dads, but hopefully Bad Moms directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore will at least be involved in some way. After all, they wrote The Hangover (a rare dude-centric comedy) before Bad Moms, so they’re two of the only people in Hollywood who know the specific formula for making men laugh.

In addition to Bad Dads …

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