Newswire: Fifty Shades Of Grey director uses her safe word, won’t be back for the sequel

Sam Taylor-Johnson sighed and closed her laptop. She had just released a statement saying that she wished the best for all involved, but would not return to direct the second film in the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker. She decided to put on her sneakers and go for a run; feeling the damp morning air flowing in and out of her lungs, she began to reflect on where it all went wrong.

It seemed so alluring at first. Helming a multi-million dollar movie that’s all but guaranteed to be a hit, complete with—holy crap—franchise potential? Sam had never felt this way about a project before. Yes, there had been others—like Nowhere Boy, her 2009 biopic about a young John Lennon—but Fifty Shades Of Grey was so attractive. So tortured. So rich.

She saw the warning signs almost immediately, but chose to ignore …

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