Newswire: Female comic creators responded to an all-male “Women In Comics” panel by holding one of their own

As with most conventions of its ilk, last weekend’s Denver Comic Con was loaded with panels and discussions on a wide variety of topics. But one particular conclave has drawn extra attention over the last week, with very little of it being positive. Titled “Women In ComicsCreators And Characters,” the panel was an attempt by its planners to discuss the role of women in the early comics industry, both on the page and in the offices that produced them. And, like so many thoughtful, academic conversations about the role of women throughout history, this one was held entirely between men.

The all-male panel, whose stated goals included “an introduction to many of the female illustrators/creators attending the convention”none of whom were in attendancewas treated to fairly wide mockery and derision over the weekend. According to a Twitter user in attendance, panelists responded to questions about …

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