Newswire: FEMA apologizes for its gross mishandling of House Of Cards spoilers

Small government advocates, take note of your latest ammunition: Apparently every federal agency now has a position in which the sole responsibility is cracking wise about television. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently tweeted about the third season of House Of Cards, lest anyone think the agency is too deeply mired in natural disaster preparedness to keep abreast of pop culture. According to Deadline, FEMA’s tweet refers to a season three plotline in which President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) circumvents a stubborn Congress by declaring unemployment a national state of emergency and raiding FEMA’s coffers to fund his job-creation legislation. The Stafford Act, which grants the president discretion to declare emergencies, doesn’t work that way, said a sassy, defiant FEMA to the fake president.

Hey, Frank Underwood: We’re not on board with claiming your own emergencies. #HouseofCards

— FEMA (@fema) March 2, 2015 …

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