Newswire: Fear The Walking Dead to introduce new character in online special

AMC has a new gimmick to ensure The Walking Dead fans check out their zombie spinoff show. According to Entertainment Weekly, the channel is putting together a one-off Fear The Walking Dead online special that’s set on an airplane overrun by zombies, a.k.a. walkers/biters/dead ones in the early days of the outbreak. Not only does that sound exactly like that scene from World War Z, it’s also not totally dissimilar from the Walking Dead webisodes AMC has put online before, like this one that explains the origins of the “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” warning Rick finds in the pilot.

But there are two additional stunts here: One of the survivors of the airline attack will go on to join the cast of Fear The Walking Dead in season two, making this the first time a new character has been introduced in supplemental material …

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