Newswire: Fear not, Cleveland: “Wild Thing” Charlie Sheen is on his way

In 1989’s Major League, Charlie Sheen played Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, a nearly blind pitcher straight out of prison who, with some training, became both an excellent pitcher and a bit of a ladies man. It was a weirdly career defining role for Sheen, and though the actor has been through some tiger-blood infused tough times since, he still feels some sort of connection with Vaughn—or at least with the celebrity that his connection with the Cleveland Indians can bring him now that the team is in the World Series.

At least, that’s the jist of Sheen’s recent Twitter activity. He’s been tweeting a ton as the team has journeyed through the post-season, and lobbied intensely to throw out the first pitch of the first game of the Series, though the Indians shut him down in favor of an Indians legend, Kenny Lofton. Sheen responded …

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