Newswire: FBI Director James Comey too cool for SXSW

Always fiercely independent—whether it comes to the handling of a sensitive investigation that could dramatically sway public opinion in a presidential election, or the belief that music conferences have just become too corporate—FBI director James Comey has pulled out of this year’s SXSW. Comey was scheduled to give a talk during the annual festival on “the tensions between privacy and national security,” a rather timely and sensitive subject in recent months, and one that Comey has been at the center of amidst investigations into Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump’s allegations that President Obama wiretapped his phone lines, and whatever other accusations will pass from Julian Assange’s lips to Steve Bannon’s crevice between now and March 13. On that note, Comey has cited “scheduling conflicts keeping him in Washington D.C.” as preventing him from stealing away to Austin for a few days to relax in …

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