Newswire: Faye Dunaway on her Oscars snafu: “I really fucked that up”

Those of us who saw Sunday night’s bizarre Oscars conclusion know how weird it appeared to us in our own living room, but imagine how weird it was on set. Now, imagine no longer, as Oscar newbie and New Yorker writer Michael Schulman reports the strangeness of watching those particular events unfold in “Scenes From The Oscar-Night Implosion.” Schulman was backstage in the press corps, where Emma Stone’s enthusiasm was a bit more effusive than previously reported. “Asked about the Best Picture snafu, she smiled brightly and said, ‘I fucking love Moonlight.” One reporter was spotted trying to keep it together in the face of the biggest Oscar gaffe in history: “A reporter across the table from me banged his fists into his head and whispered to himself, ‘Ask about the two envelopes. That’s all anyone cares about.’” Some were even more shell-shocked, like Academy president Cheryl …

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