Newswire: Fargo season three to return to the futuristic world of 21st century Minnesota

Fargo creator Noah Hawley has revealed some new details about the show’s recently announced third season, telling Entertainment Weekly that FX’s anthology of the violent dealings of the Minnesotta Nice will be returning to a setting some time closer to the present day. That comes after a second season—wrapping up later this month—that took a trip back to the late ’70s, departing from the first’s mid-2000s milieu.

“It’s more contemporary,” Hawley told Entertainment Weekly, placing the new series a few years after the events that sent so many “Gee whizz”-ing to their dooms in the show’s first season. He did caution, though, that the show’s (entirely fictitious) “based on a true story” conceit means that we’ll never seen an episode of Fargo that takes place in the year it was aired. “It always has to be at least a few …

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