Newswire: Farewell, Sean Spicer, we hardly knew what the hell ye were doing

Sean Spicer, who for months delighted audiences as the bumbling comic foil of Donald Trump’s White House, resigned today, according to the Associated Press, a decision that comes as a disappointment to all who have appreciated the way his bungling antics animated the bureaucratic banality of evil. According to reports, Spicer “vehemently disagreed” with the appointment of Wall Street financier and Queen lyric Anthony Scaramucci to be White House communications director, with The New York Times saying Spicer told Trump it was a “major mistake.” Given that this particular blunder finally threatened Spicer personally, it was the one he decided he could no longer defend. Thus ends one of the shortest reigns of a White House Press Secretary in history, though the laughter will last a lifetime.

Yes, from the moment he first emerged in an ill-fitting suit to yell at reporters about crowd sizes, to that time he …

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