Newswire: Fantastic Four’s Kate Mara hasn’t seen Fantastic Four

Perhaps it’s a little too easy to dump on Fantastic Four. The film has become the go-to punching bag for people wanting to disparage superhero movies for being too leaden and joyless, and for no good reason other than the movie happens to be 100 percent leaden and joyless. Even people who haven’t seen Josh Trank’s (sorry, not Josh Trank’s) flick are finding it an easy movie at which to take shots, just because everyone who has seen it tells them to go ahead and do so. Chief among those people who haven’t seen it? Star Kate Mara, who, in a new interview with The Times, admits she has yet to watch the movie that caused such a stink.

The whole interview is unfortunately behind a paywall, so you can’t see much of it, but some folks who did read the whole thing were …

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