Newswire: Fantastic Four writer Simon Kinberg says the movie didn’t have the right “tone”

By most accounts, the latest Fantastic Four movie (like all of the previous ones) wasn’t very good. Director Josh Trank admitted as much when he said that the version he initially tried to make would’ve gotten better reviews, and Kate Mara—who starred in it—made it clear that she wasn’t really in any rush to see the movie once they finished filming it. Even Stan Lee didn’t really like it, but that was mostly because the producers didn’t ask for his input or offer him a cameo. In fact, the response to the movie was so negative that Fox dropped its plan to make a sequel, meaning there will probably be another Fantastic Four reboot in a few years.

Writer and producer Simon Kinberg was also pretty down on the film, admitting back in May that he and 20th Century Fox “didn’t make …

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